Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Chicken Alfredo Pita - 300 Cal

I love me some alfredo and trying to watch my figure does not involve me scarfing huge bowls of alfredo noodles! So! I had to come up with the next best thing right?? Although there was another catch...had to be easy, had to be fast, and kid friendly. This meal is all of that and then some! Take the jump to see how!


300 calories

Shredded Chicken- Prepared however you like)
Alfredo Sauce-We used Ragu original its 60 cal for 1/4 cup of sauce)
Pita Pocket-We like Brownberry Pocket Thins; Italian Herb
Lettuce (optional)

How to: Mix your Alfredo and chicken together! Place a cup of the mixture into your pita. Place on a cookie sheet and cook in over for 5-10 mins at 350 degrees. Then add embellishment, lettuce. And simple as that!

**For a few more calories you could make up some turkey bacon and cut in up and add it as a yummy topping as well! **

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