Monday, February 23, 2015

Inspiration Board- Garage Make-Over

I shared a peek into our garage reno last week and shared how the process is slowly coming along and thought it would be fun to share some inspirations boards with everyone. To give a little idea as to what our thought process, vision, and inspiration!

I have collaborated and pulled together some photos of things that we have loved for the large room first to show some of the elements we are going for in this space.....

Starting with the Patio/French door! As you know we have already got our hands on our lovely door and have it installed in the space! It was amazing how quickly it changed the personality of our home and taking out the drafty garage door, it really made the inside warmer. It added light, and made it where that room could make as a great entertainment room down the road as it would open for guests, an awesome guest room, Mother-in- law suite, ect. Which is exactly what I wanted for the space.

The light fixture here is not the exact but VERY close to the one we have for the space. It will add country charm and draw your eyes up to those beautiful high white planked ceilings.

Next you have these beautiful Hickory Interlocking Hardwood floors that we are laying, that will be laid to make the space feel bigger. (Important to think about the direction you hang your plank, lay your flooring, ect. You have the ability by just how you lay them to make a space fill larger or smaller.Just a quick FYI there to be mindful to!)

The next photo here show a pretty golden yellow color that is what we have been thinking would be the wall color for the space. Now, we have kicked this back in forth cause as we started hanging the wood we just fell in love with the notches and the grain. So this COULD change but for will be this pretty golden color and the ceiling will be white. We shall see....
Now the Laundry Room... 

For this space I want it to stay light, clean, and open. I love industrial farm feel and with my love of my farm, will add in country touches where I can of course. So the pendant light I would love to do a chicken wire light. I like they will allow me to keep as much open light as I can but still be a statement.

Laying Slate tile down in case of spills, water overflows, ect. will not only be practical but really beautiful laid in a herringbone pattern! *Salivating*

OK...Now that I have regained myself....We will continue the plank into the laundry space, however it will all be painted white. Ceiling and walls. Remember clean and light!

New washer and dryer. It's a must. With the amount of people in this house and laundry we make...we could use the upgrade! lol

This isn't all the plans we have in the space. If you remember we added a closet into this room as well. More storage! Can't ever have to much of that! Then above my washer and dryer I have two full length shelves and shelving on the other side on top of the closet. This is ideal because this was once a garage/laundry room. With little children and tiny hands its nice to have places high to put chemicals and pesticides, ect up out of reach and tubs of miscellaneous items. I want to come up with a way to close off the shelving above my washer and dryer for now as well to hide this away and keep the space not feeling cluttered.

Then down beside our washer and dryer we are going to do built in laundry basket holders. VERY excited about this. With a galley laundry room, to have these things on the floor is just not practical. This eliminates clutter and mess, and adds, much needed, organization!

As you can tell we are eager about these projects. It's been exciting for the family so far! No words to describe how amazing it will be to see it all come together!!


Photo Credit:
The photos used in the above collage's are not all my own and I love to be able to link up to the blogs and sites to pay these great people their dues! So, here is your line up :)

1.) Patio/ French Door
2.) Chandelier Light
3.) Yellow Plank Walls

1.) Slate Flooring
2.) Chicken Wire Pendant
3.) White Wide Plank Room
4.) Washer and Dryer

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Attached Garage/ Laundry Room Redo

When we bought this home 2 years ago, we bought it with the full intention of using it to help others. We love our home, and we love being able to help family and friends that have always made themselves available when we were once in a time of need. That being said, when we first bought this home one of the draw backs was the direction the house faced. It has an attached garage but it was of little to no use to us cause do you whip a car around to pull in? It was impossible.

So I have day-dreamed and thought of other ways I would love to use it over the past couple years. Even drew out multiple designs and ideas. But ultimately it came back to the laundry room being established, and the extra space being a room of its own! (Could be used as another bedroom, a Mother-n-law suite, an extra family room, classroom, sewing space....see my mind could go on for hours.)

Well, this dream is slowly becoming a reality....
Lovely mural, right? lol 
The previous owner was an artist and there were many places she left her mark! 

 Ahh.. Much better!

Started with the heating and cooling being added to the garage. We badly needed to do this, no matter what because the laundry room, which as you look through the photos, you can see is in this space, last year the pipes for the washer expanded and almost busted. So this solves that problem! Warm it up! With that it meant taking down the garage door and putting in the framing for a new french door! (I'm seriously in love!!) There is something about each time we pull up to the house since making this change, it has absolutely changed the look and it is just so much more beautiful!

After the door went it, the framing went up! I wanted to separate my laundry room from this additional space. I am not a fan of doing my laundry in a space with other people. I like to be able to shut a door and hide it all! lol

Look at my handsome man tearing down trim and stuff! He's so cute! ;) lol

Once the framing was put up, we had to run the electrical to all the new places in these walls. It also means moving existing light switches and centering the ceiling electrical. (Oh my gosh! LIGHTING! Can't wait...ok.) Then added more bracing to the framing and attached fan fold to the walls. This is to add more insulation to...

..THIS!!! Ekk!

 We are covering walls and ceiling in plank board!  It looks so beautiful! And each bit added I get more and more excited!  I love seeing these two spaces coming together. And can't wait to share more with everyone! Like what we have in store for flooring, lighting, and what I'm gonna do in that laundry room! 


Follow me on IG, you can follow the progress and plans as they unfold!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Botanical Window Frame

After sharing my Drab to Fab: Dresser project a few weeks back, I had some questions about how I put together the botanical piece above it! Well, I have always loved botanical prints! I think they hold a simple vintage elegance but if they are not hard to come by, many times they are expensive. Or if the prints are not expensive the framing of them sure can get expensive!

   SO! I hopped on to good ole Google and went searching and came across this lovely little website called The Graphics Fairy ! The website has thousands of beautiful vintage graphics. Anything your little heart desires! That is where I got my botanical prints, for FREE! And to save you the time here is a link to each print I used...

After printing these off with my printer. I grabbed my 8 pane window and spray adhesive. After wiping the window down, I flipped it wrong side up. Lightly sprayed one pane and applied my first print. Be very careful about placement, that the print is facing down and if your panes are slightly larger than the print, that you place each one evenly across. Repeat this process for each print, lift and enjoy! It really was all that was to it! Simple & Quick!

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Monday, November 3, 2014

So this just happened...

I have been itching with the cooler winter weather to start inside projects, knowing my husband would even cringe at the idea of another crazy project, I took it upon myself to....start another one! hahaha

This is our guest bathroom when we moved in a year ago...

Right after we moved in, I took it upon myself to remove the glass shower door. It was not only awful to clean but with the toilet placement it made it very difficult to wrangle a 3 year old in the bath and the doors! lol It was a fast and painless removal. Couple screws and a little goo off, I peeled all the gunk off and that has served us much better since. But now I'm really ready to make this space reflect "me" more.

SO I took this nasty bad boy down....

This medicine cabinet/ light fixture had seen many better days and it immediately made the room feel SO much bigger. Taking it down already has the hubs understanding how this project is such a great idea! ;) And giving us both the push and constant reminder...each time we stare at our blank spot on the wall there to get on it!

Now to start the planning....time to get a board started...

Here is how it sits today....

Don't ya love the toilet paper roll holder....hahaha There are toddlers in the house! *wink*

Oh wait....cute bubble baby...hehehe

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

This is a way to start a week...

So I took my evening off as Mom and Wife last night. Boy, had it been awhile. I spent it with one of the most special men in my life, my Dad!! :) I may be in my mid-twenties but I am never to old to have a daddy/daughter date with my ole man! So, left my main man, Jer, home with all 3 babes. (Knowing my mother was also a phone call away to back him up, cause we all know how fast 3 kids can go wild on even the most well prepared animal trainer! lol) My father and I went to a yummy dinner and then.....

We had tickets to the Kentucky Wildcats Blue/White scrimmage game!! We had a lot of fun watching the talent and getting pumped for the beginning of the season! And was so nice to have adult conversation and catching up. Overall, perfect date night with my Dad!

Love this man!
Treasured memories were made, for sure!!!

On the home front, all my little animals, err, humans survived Mommy being away! Even the tiniest little gal! This being the longest her and I had been away from one another, she OK. Successful evening for all! And this Momma is refreshed and prepared to wrangle my cubs! XOXO

Go BIG Blue! 

Friday, October 24, 2014

[Giveaway] Lambie Lovie Snuggle Blanket

Since having our little lady,one thing has been for sure, she loves snuggles! And even more so, when there is a cuddly buddy to love on! That's why I have teamed up with Lambie & Me for a great giveaway of an adorable little Lambie snuggle blanket!! Nothing sweeter! Go enter and feel free to share with friends & family!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Drab to Fab

I think I'm going to add a new *hopefully* monthly post called "Drab to Fab" where I hope to share projects of my own and even features of favorite items, pieces of furniture, and spaces revamped to a new life! This week I'm excited to share one of my own projects that I just finished this week and could use opinions as to how to give her the last finishing touch.

But first let me introduce "her"...

Look how very sad and depressing this dresser is but we have both been through a lot together. You see this dresser was actually used in "my" baby room when I was a baby. It actually was set up as a changing bum actually was wiped and powdered on this thing at one time...weird. lol

And ya see, she has traveled and been everywhere with me being used as everything, from a TV stand in my husband and I's first home to its new home as my landing "console". This poor dresser has seen a lot. So many bangs, dings, and scratches but she is mine and  it was time. It was more than clean her up.

After batting my eyes at my lovely hubs he moved her out to the garage to begin this "delicate" process.

Grabbed my sander and began shaving off years of built up pledge, and old tiny places I had spilled nail polish as a teen while secretly painting my nails in my room.*wink* I sanded it down bare on the top of the dresser and the drawer fronts to prepare them for new stain, Minwax (provincial).

And then I very lightly roughed up the dressers base so that it could be painted this valspar black ( I will have to get the name)...

I had some moments I felt a little sad seeing her go but once I hit this part I just knew...this was for the best.I added a poly coat to all my stain. Followed the directions for this and did two coats.

Here is how she turned out. Here is that before again...

And the After...

I think she is just *sigh* perfect. She sure has grown up into such a beautiful lady! hahaha
(Don't mind the very wimpy bamboo plant hanging out here...We just can't seem to part with one another. hahaha...Baby steps.)

But she is missing something...oh yeah.... KNOBS! This is where I need you! Here are the ones I have been eyeing...which do you think?

Please leave me a comment below with your thoughts and I would LOVE to see your "Drab to Fab" projects as well! So be sure to link up below!! Thanks for walking down memory lane with me...

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