Sunday, March 24, 2013


I have absolutely been slacking in the blogging department the past week! So quickie on yours truly! Bank came back on the house Friday and said "They had one more manager to sign off, but that repairs have been ok'ed !!" Meaning that the issues that where holding the house up to be appraised are going to be resolved by the bank!!! That was a GIGANTIC relief! I seriously smiled and giggled all evening and just felt giddy with relief!! I think it finally set in for the hubs and I that this is "it". We can enjoy this now, cause it feels as though, this is it. We ARE buying this house! haha

Hubs began working on his garage all weekend, taking down mounted tools, ect and packing it up. We decided to go ahead and take down the beds, and get this stuff ready to go! The closing date is April 4th. We have heard no news on this changing with the repairs or anything, so we are guessing that everything is still go for the 4th and are planning that way! I may not be able to write as much in the coming days or weeks but I will be updating and sharing when I get the spare second!! Can't wait to share our new home with everyone!!! We are SO close!!!

Taste of my chaos...before I go....

XOXO, Kate 
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