Saturday, January 26, 2013

Power 90- Day 30

Last entry I shared with everyone that my husband and I are taking on a healthier way of life! It includes cleaner eating and a more active lifestyle.

Its amazing to us the benefits that the last 30 days have already brought not just "us", but our children as well! We have gone all month without unhealthy foods and sugary drinks, which is hard when you have two kids under the age of 3 and who like most kids only ever want junk food! haha But we have just made this a priority to eat healthy and involve our children in the process as well. Take for example, when making our meal list we asked our children what to put on the list and last week Miss.G's response was "LOTS of banana's!". Made Jer and I smile at one another to hear that be what she asked for over cookies, chocolate, and candy!

On top of her good healthy choices, lil L has made it his daily mission to figure out how to actually help mommy work out! As he believes it's his job to try to help lift my feet off the ground when I try to do the side kicks. As much as Iwish he really could take some of the burden off my workout by doing this (HA!), it makes my heart super happy each time cause I know he is seeing Mommy kicking butt and it has to be making an impact on him! That makes ya feel good, ya know?? it has impacted "us". Well. I thought there is no better way to share this, than to just show it. 

Now warning. I am a MOTHER. I have some extra skin. I have stretch marks. I have the unsightly horror stuff you hear from cause I am just that, your typical Mom with the "Mom Body" to go with it! So, heads up. Weak at heart...scroll by REALLY fast. For the tougher audience, umm, yeah....

I have started out at 181.1 on Dec 26th, 2012... See photos after jump...
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