Sunday, January 13, 2013

Re-New 2013

Haven't written in the new year and I have a lot to already share!

       Our beginning of the year started with a lot of unknowing...

  We currently rent the the home we all live in and the day before Christmas our landlord decided to oh so kindly let us know that we will be having a Realtor walk through our home for photos because he is planning to sell the home. Meaning...we are okay to live here until it sells. Lovely, huh?

So first big change that will happen this year...we are buying a home! This spring we will be viewing homes in search for the perfect home for us all. Thank goodness we had already been trying to get our credit and such in the place that we could buy and it has really helped with the devastating news and makes us excited for the coming months! 

Did I mention during the stress over this fall/winter I gained a whooping 20lbs? That is NO good. The hubster also has managed to pack back on some of the weight he lost last year. So, we made the decision to begin working out together! We have been doing P90. (Power 90) Now, before you think we are crazy, we did NOT begin with the extreme P90X. We are doing the version before this. We are 3 weeks into this and we are loving it. We can feel the difference already, not just in our strength, but even in our moods, ect!

With exercise of course we are striving to eat healthy as well! One of my big goals is to try many different kinds of fish this year and working it into a lot more of our meals! Everyone suggested we start with Swai fish, since it does not have a strong fish taste to it but isn't high in calories, ect! Let me tell was delicious! My husband actually said the flavor made him think of chicken! hahahaah I will have to share how I prepared it sometime this week but if anyone has any fish suggestions, or recipes we would LOVE to hear them!

So, our 2013 looks like there well be lots of changes, lots of re-newing but I'm very excited to share in all these changes with each and every one of you! Maybe we can house hunt together?? And I know I will need to check out my neighboring sewing blogs for sewing tips and new patterns for my new healthy figure! (How is that for positive thinking? Ha!) Well! That is the update with Kate! I will share more this week! How is your year beginning??

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