Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mini Weekend Projects

With the glorious three day weekend here. I tried to use it to my advantage by finally accomplishing many little projects that I had just lying around the house. Hanging picture, paint touch ups, cleaning, ect. And man, it is amazing how even the tiniest project, simplest change can make such a BIG difference! Here is an example of just one of my many MINI projects from this weekend.

I don't know if I have ever shared this before, but I am in LOVE with 60's/70's style. I buy and collect many items from these decade's and a lot of time's, depending on its condition, I will update them a bit with paint or whatever. Well, this was one of my 70's find! ....

I understand many people don't or wouldn't find these appealing or cute....Well, what about now?

I love them. A simple 2 coats of orange paint gave these little butterflies quite the face lift! Even though I have gotten to many unfinished task... I have many left to finish. Including a bed roll/nap mat that I started by following an awesome tutorial from But let me tell you ....not a mini project! Whew! Will post more once it is finished, for now I am going to go an relax a bit and squeeze on my kiddos! Hope everyone is enjoying their three day weekends!! ((hugs))

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