Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Confession Time

The cute element & background paper here came from Everyday Mom Ideas
adorable kit: Feel the burn! Check her out! So cute!
2 weeks ago I posted our 30 day photos and shared with everyone in our little victory and here we are 2 weeks away from our 60 day photos and I'm nervous to say the least about this weigh in/ photo change. I was 169 in my 30 day photos and Im just hitting 167 this week! hahaha I did my measurements and no loss there either. Hmmmm....Maybe it was the subway...or the pizza I ate at the super bowl. *hangs head in shame* BUT! I need to get my bum in gear! I had a goal of 159 for the next weigh in. Meaning 8lbs from now to then. Not sure I can achieve that in such a small time but I sure am going to try! And I'm going to do it any way I can! As I mentioned before I like to do things that make working out fun and even the smallest workout means something right?? So I made myself this little motivational workout to do whenever I want to grab something from the kitchen or maybe in the evening when I feel like I need a little something extra. Its just a simple little workout to jam out when your favorite tune pops on the radio or like mentioned before that little something extra for your day! I plan on making this my something extra each day to push through the next two weeks and hopefully make them a success! Here's to day 60....I'm gonna kick your tail!!

Pita Pocket Pizza

Who doesn't love pizza??!

Nothing can top these Pita Pocket Pizza's in this house! Miss G loves to help me make them, and for toddlers/children this meal couldn't be any better for them! At just 226 calories per pita pocket and it's no mess sandwich style, makes this a Mommy favorite as well ! On our quest to better eating this has been one of those recipes that is a regular in our house can't wait to hear what you all think! Take the jump to get the simple recipe! 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mail Day

 Yay! Very excited to open the mail today and out pop some very gorgeous fabric!!

Shhhh!!! Three of these fabrics are going to be used to test on a secret pattern for Mrs. Sarah from Sew Sweetness !!! Totally can't wait to get that started this week! Whohoo!

Then two of these fabrics I believe I plan on using to make something super ruffly and fun for my Miss G and sharing it as a tutorial for you all! Double whohoo!

For those of you curious about the fabric makers and these design names here they are for you:

Top of ladder working way down-

Joel Dewberry- Heirloom- Rose Bouquet Gold

Joel Dewberry -Heirloom -Marquis Garnet  

Joel Dewberry Heirloom Paisley Garnet
Anna Maria Horner- Innocent Crush
 -Loves Me Loves Me Not Golden

Anna Maria Horner- LouLouThi -Clippings Passion

Monday, February 11, 2013

Couch to Color Run

Getting into the fitness life has shown me that there is SO many ways to make this lifestyle "fun"! If your anything like me, I have never been a fitness person. I was the girl in school that hated gym and recess and was happy to sit on the bench sing, write, and doddle. Anything but run, jump, and play! Ha!

So in order to keep myself from getting discouraged in my new little adventure, I have involved myself in a lot of different exercises. While I was loving the results of my Power 90 work out, the repeated same thing everyday was killing me! I was forcing myself to do it, and no one wants to feel like its a chore cause lets be honest with we enjoy making ourselves take out the trash, doing laundry, or dishes, do we sometimes find our selves saying "Oh it can wait till tomorrow?". Exactly. I can't let that happen with my working out! I'm doing so well!

So! What am I doing? Grab my phone, hooked up with Endomondo (great iPhone app to track your workouts and your progress), I use My Fitness Pal (Use this for my food journal, tracking my calories and weight loss.), and the most important one my Couch 2 5K iPhone app. It uses interval training to help you get adjusted to running and work up to running 3 miles in 9 weeks! I'm on day 4 with this and I can already tell a difference! Now. I'm sure your thinking how is running "fun" though. Let me tell ya....


I have named my 5K training  couch to color for THIS race! They have in select areas all over the US, where they throw color cornstarch at the runners as they reach different stations throughout the course! I have seen so many photos and pins, ect about how awesome this race is and before I was even getting active I wanted to be a part of one of these races and I'm excited to say this June I WILL be running my first 5K! I'm so excited and can not wait to really enjoy my first 5k!

Are you a runner? Have you participated in a color run? If so I would LOVE to hear your feedback and any advice!

**If your looking for information on a color run nearest you here is a link to their information: **

Oh...Did I mention I cut all my hair off??? hehehe Let me know what you think! ;) Thanks y'all!

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