Monday, October 13, 2014

Drab to Fab

I think I'm going to add a new *hopefully* monthly post called "Drab to Fab" where I hope to share projects of my own and even features of favorite items, pieces of furniture, and spaces revamped to a new life! This week I'm excited to share one of my own projects that I just finished this week and could use opinions as to how to give her the last finishing touch.

But first let me introduce "her"...

Look how very sad and depressing this dresser is but we have both been through a lot together. You see this dresser was actually used in "my" baby room when I was a baby. It actually was set up as a changing bum actually was wiped and powdered on this thing at one time...weird. lol

And ya see, she has traveled and been everywhere with me being used as everything, from a TV stand in my husband and I's first home to its new home as my landing "console". This poor dresser has seen a lot. So many bangs, dings, and scratches but she is mine and  it was time. It was more than clean her up.

After batting my eyes at my lovely hubs he moved her out to the garage to begin this "delicate" process.

Grabbed my sander and began shaving off years of built up pledge, and old tiny places I had spilled nail polish as a teen while secretly painting my nails in my room.*wink* I sanded it down bare on the top of the dresser and the drawer fronts to prepare them for new stain, Minwax (provincial).

And then I very lightly roughed up the dressers base so that it could be painted this valspar black ( I will have to get the name)...

I had some moments I felt a little sad seeing her go but once I hit this part I just knew...this was for the best.I added a poly coat to all my stain. Followed the directions for this and did two coats.

Here is how she turned out. Here is that before again...

And the After...

I think she is just *sigh* perfect. She sure has grown up into such a beautiful lady! hahaha
(Don't mind the very wimpy bamboo plant hanging out here...We just can't seem to part with one another. hahaha...Baby steps.)

But she is missing something...oh yeah.... KNOBS! This is where I need you! Here are the ones I have been eyeing...which do you think?

Please leave me a comment below with your thoughts and I would LOVE to see your "Drab to Fab" projects as well! So be sure to link up below!! Thanks for walking down memory lane with me...

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