Monday, November 26, 2012

Breaded BBQ Chicken


Running around tonight trying to figure out dinner I was really stressing on what to make. So sick of the same ole', same ole'. I had chicken thawed but just nothing was sounding good. So I went diggin' in the cupboard and we came up with this "Breaded BBQ Chicken"....let me warn you...just go ahead and put the elastic pants on before you dig in...

Ladies & Gentlemen...


Today I have began doing a little work on the digital art that I plan on using in my children's bedroom. They both share their room. Which is actually a big obstacle when you have a very girly girl, and a little boy who is all dirt and trucks! So, I had decided that this room will be little mix for them both quite the task I know! So, in my excitement of finally figuring out my plan here is a sneak for everyone and a little printable something as well for your little ladies and gents!

To save the image, click on it, then right click on the image, and select "Save As". Image can be printed off as large as 20x30 (poster size) or click the link to our flickr and download the images there! Let me know if there are any issues! Thanks so much!

Pin Inspired- "Growth Chart Ruler"

A little sneak of what I have been up to lately! If anyone knows me, they know I'm a pin addicted! I am absolutely obsessed, with no shame about the amount of time I waste  use on pinterest. Well, with our living room redo, I have been putting some of those pins to the test and here is one of them that I actually made for a friends baby shower, and loved it SO much I decided that I need one for the living room as well.

The original idea for this project came from the blog Dear Lilly. She has some adorable tutorials and her house is just beautiful! The project if you haven't already guessed is the over-sized growth chart/ruler that she has hanging in her dining area. When I first saw the project I thought wow, this is just awesome! We rent the home we are in, and could never really do the mark your height thing and the paper charts never last throughout the years of use. So, this to me just seemed SO cleaver.

On that note, here is my version of this "Growth Chart Ruler" 

Sorry for nasty photo was a last minute snap!
This was so seriously easy to do! Find out how to make your own after the jump HERE!

Sunday, November 25, 2012


The Little's :) 
Haven't been updating as much here lately. Figured it was time to take a break from the busy and share the new around here!

     First, our little ones are just growing like weeds! G is now 3 (AND A HALF, don't ya forget it. lol), and L is gonna be 2 in just a month! Can not believe my BABY will be 2. They both sure keep me busy but never a dull moment and so totally fun!

     With them both finally reaching ages that they are not as reliant on Mommy, I have now had more free time to work on this old house of ours!!!!

Some things we have done....
  1. Bright orange bathroom, is now a pretty place to go and do your business in. Long gone is the once knock ya on your bum color. (As much as I loved it.) Will share more, including photos, very soon once I can get them taken!
  2. Front door- got a mini makeover this spring/summer. It was once a CREAM front door on a WHITE house. It was totally not attractive, so we spiced it up and gave it a little life by painting that sucker....YELLOW! Yes, I said YELLOW! So bright, cheery. I joke that my mailman probably always smiles once he walks up to my house! hahaha

    Now those probably seem like such simple projects. But for us these have been HUGE. lol Its finally taking this little house that had potential and giving it a little life! Our biggest project we just started was the living room.

    When we moved into this old house 3 years ago. It had some VERY disgusting carpet. G was still very little then and it made her so sick. Her sensitive allergies could not handle it. So we had to go through the house and tear out all the nasty carpet and upon doing so we found, the living room and kids room had HARD WOOD! So we began the living room journey there this weekend. Wow, everyone says doing floors is hard...that is an understatement.

    Much, much more to do in there yet! I can not wait to share with everyone its little transformation! Missed everyone! Time to go catch up!
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