Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Major Set Back...

Apparently, the site I bought and downloaded my pattern from...isn't all that great. Ugh. I'm missing a pattern piece. I have contacted them three times now, and they haven't gotten back yet, but I am SO bummed. I did start the shirt though. Which makes it harder cause its not like I can just scratch it and start another top...I already put the money into this one....and of course this has to happen when I have a deadline involved! EKKKKK!! Killin' me! Oh hands you lemons...make lemonade, right? Guess, I will have to sit and wait patiently....Well, I'm off to patiently hit refresh over and over looking for my emailed response...

I'm In!

So, I'm going for it. Yup. I am making a shirt for the made-by-rae spring top challenge. I'm super nervous and yet SO siked! You should try it out yourself!!! If not, you have to at least see all these beautiful shirts some of these girls have already came up with! So, impressive. Well, I'm sorry for such a tiny post...but I will be back... and when I return, it will be shirt in hand....and of course a nice tutorial/review to go along with it :)

May the 4th be with you!-- Happy Star Wars Day!!

Yup, I went there... heehee

Sunday, May 1, 2011


EKKKK!!! I am SO excited to participate in my first blog sewing challenge!!

The challenge was proposed by Elsie Marley for the week of May 9th -15th! Its the "Kids Clothes Week Challenge (KCWC)"! If your interested you SO have to go check out the rules and join in! Just click the button below to check it out!

Besides all of this, I am also very excited about this new tutorial I have been working on! Its this amazingly simple/easy skirt ! I finished it this morning, just need to get a few finishing snap shots and I will write it all up and share!! Well, sorry to be so extremely brief today, but Mommyhood beckons... :)

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