Monday, February 23, 2015

Inspiration Board- Garage Make-Over

I shared a peek into our garage reno last week and shared how the process is slowly coming along and thought it would be fun to share some inspirations boards with everyone. To give a little idea as to what our thought process, vision, and inspiration!

I have collaborated and pulled together some photos of things that we have loved for the large room first to show some of the elements we are going for in this space.....

Starting with the Patio/French door! As you know we have already got our hands on our lovely door and have it installed in the space! It was amazing how quickly it changed the personality of our home and taking out the drafty garage door, it really made the inside warmer. It added light, and made it where that room could make as a great entertainment room down the road as it would open for guests, an awesome guest room, Mother-in- law suite, ect. Which is exactly what I wanted for the space.

The light fixture here is not the exact but VERY close to the one we have for the space. It will add country charm and draw your eyes up to those beautiful high white planked ceilings.

Next you have these beautiful Hickory Interlocking Hardwood floors that we are laying, that will be laid to make the space feel bigger. (Important to think about the direction you hang your plank, lay your flooring, ect. You have the ability by just how you lay them to make a space fill larger or smaller.Just a quick FYI there to be mindful to!)

The next photo here show a pretty golden yellow color that is what we have been thinking would be the wall color for the space. Now, we have kicked this back in forth cause as we started hanging the wood we just fell in love with the notches and the grain. So this COULD change but for will be this pretty golden color and the ceiling will be white. We shall see....
Now the Laundry Room... 

For this space I want it to stay light, clean, and open. I love industrial farm feel and with my love of my farm, will add in country touches where I can of course. So the pendant light I would love to do a chicken wire light. I like they will allow me to keep as much open light as I can but still be a statement.

Laying Slate tile down in case of spills, water overflows, ect. will not only be practical but really beautiful laid in a herringbone pattern! *Salivating*

OK...Now that I have regained myself....We will continue the plank into the laundry space, however it will all be painted white. Ceiling and walls. Remember clean and light!

New washer and dryer. It's a must. With the amount of people in this house and laundry we make...we could use the upgrade! lol

This isn't all the plans we have in the space. If you remember we added a closet into this room as well. More storage! Can't ever have to much of that! Then above my washer and dryer I have two full length shelves and shelving on the other side on top of the closet. This is ideal because this was once a garage/laundry room. With little children and tiny hands its nice to have places high to put chemicals and pesticides, ect up out of reach and tubs of miscellaneous items. I want to come up with a way to close off the shelving above my washer and dryer for now as well to hide this away and keep the space not feeling cluttered.

Then down beside our washer and dryer we are going to do built in laundry basket holders. VERY excited about this. With a galley laundry room, to have these things on the floor is just not practical. This eliminates clutter and mess, and adds, much needed, organization!

As you can tell we are eager about these projects. It's been exciting for the family so far! No words to describe how amazing it will be to see it all come together!!


Photo Credit:
The photos used in the above collage's are not all my own and I love to be able to link up to the blogs and sites to pay these great people their dues! So, here is your line up :)

1.) Patio/ French Door
2.) Chandelier Light
3.) Yellow Plank Walls

1.) Slate Flooring
2.) Chicken Wire Pendant
3.) White Wide Plank Room
4.) Washer and Dryer
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