Monday, March 31, 2014

Chicken Introduction

Well, its been 3 weeks since our chicks made our garage their home! After a rough start, we lost 10 of our chicks within the first 3 days due to shipping shock, that wasn't easy. I was by their sides constantly and attending to pasty bums, nursing the ones who were too weak to walk to the water and food. They sure were sweet and that first few days I wont lie, made me feel like a failure. Even though I was doing all I could, still each loss brought such sadness. The hatchery has a great policy that the first 48 hours covers your chicks. So, I was able to call them and they put my credit on for me to reorder but for now with just the 19 we have....I'm good and without further are our chicks!

Week 1:

Nothing cuter than fluff bums around the feeder and water! ;)
Prayin' buddies! hahaha This was one of my Cochin and Australorp.

Our "Top Hat" girl! (Polish chick)
Week 2:

Starting to get feathers...

Week 3:  This week everyone has began developing their feathers and its made it easier to figure out what breed everyone may turn out to be and personalities are really emerging! The second photo I am sharing is of one of my polish girls, she is starting to get crest feathers and looked like such a hot mess I could not refrain myself from capturing her "chicken bedhead"!

So far I believe our flock consists of the following:
3 White Crested Black Polish
2 Buff Cochin
1 Golden Laced Cochin
2 Partridge Cochin
1 Austrlope
7 Barred Rock
2 Unsure of!

Well! That is the bunch! We find so much enjoyment with all of them! We are starting the work on their coop and run this week...hopefully! So, lots of photos to come of that! I also have not managed to name all these ladies, I may have to call on some help in tackling that as well! Do you have a flock?? I would love to see them!! Link me in the comments!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Southern States- Chick Days

Some of the goodies we received! Chicken Coop Bird House,
2 Meal Worm Tubs, and a Chicken Toy. (Also won, $100 Gift card
& Chicken treat pictured below.)
I wanted to give a HUGE shout out and thank you to Southern States!!! I actually entered their Chicken Sweepstakes online when I was getting all my chicken supplies together and to my surprise got an email stating I WON 3rd PLACE!!

First off! This girl NEVER wins anything! hahahaha I mean I could be the only person to enter a contest and some how still not win! So, when I got an email I was seriously puzzled ! What was even better, with us still fairly new to the area due to not even living here a year, I did not know we had a Southern State so close!!! Literally down the road! I went there this Saturday to collect my goodies and had such an enjoyable time!!! The gentlemen that helped me were very friendly and helpful! It was pouring rain and he walked out merrily to help me decide just the right fencing for my coop to spend my $100 gift card on properly!

Link to Southern States

Thank you SO much Southern States for all the fun and goodies!
My chicks thank you too! Here they are enjoying the chicken treat from you all!
If you have a Southern States local, you have to go and check out their chick days and stock up for your flock on feed or grab whatever you need to start that new little flock!!! Absolutely worth that trip!

**I wanted to add I was NOT paid for this post or asked to represent their company in anyway. This is just me expressing my personal opinion, experience, and interest in them.**

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