Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring Feature Round Up

Mmmm! SPRING! I smell it! Its...Right. There! Can't help but get excited as I wake up to sunny skies and birds chirping 2 days in a row!! With all the Spring excitement I would love to link up a few blogs who have already began planning for Spring! Whatever you would like to share! Maybe its a sewing project, thrift makeover, something for the home, ect! I would love to see what everyone is doing!! I will pick my top three and feature here on Stitch of Kate! Email me your goodies to: !

Signing out with a little touch of sunshine from Miss G herself! Happy Sunny Saturday Everyone!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Chicken Alfredo Pita - 300 Cal

I love me some alfredo and trying to watch my figure does not involve me scarfing huge bowls of alfredo noodles! So! I had to come up with the next best thing right?? Although there was another catch...had to be easy, had to be fast, and kid friendly. This meal is all of that and then some! Take the jump to see how!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"Pin" It Favorites

So! I think I want to try to incorporate and try something new on my lil blog here! I love and am obsessed with Pinterest like any other unfortunate human being who has managed to roam its many, many, many pages of beautiful, hilarious, weird, sexy ( know your mind went there too), and creative pins. I only say unfortunate, by the way, because you know as well as I do...once you start doesn't stop until your eyes are bleeding from staring at the screen! lol Ok, maybe not so much blood but it is crazy addictive!! To share my addiction with others I have decided to do a weekly post with pins that I find inspiring! With us working on buying our first home (Did I mention they are talking about moving the closing date up...YEEHAW!), I seem to be pinning a lot more and I thought what better way can I share and get opinions on design ideas for the new place than to share and have feed back from friends! lol

 Here is my first "Pin" It Favorite board...


 1.) I have been swooning over "Young House Love's" kitchen renovation they did here all day today! I'm obsessed with white cabinets, let me just get that off my chest now. But then the open shelving and cheery feel of the space just makes it feel so inviting. Love this space! These to have a book, website, and blog that you can spend hours drooling over. Go check them out, I promise you won't be disappointed!

 2.) Next is the chalkboard wall. I love this for the simple fact that this is so incridably smart for any home but then for a family with children...its like a must have. I have wall artiest and while I love to encourage fine art like the next person...I would prefer it in a specified area, likeeee this awesome chalkboard! Plus, older kids working on that horrible math homework, that they will never use later, but need help...great spot to practice them skillz! Right? I rest my case.

 3.) Plank wall!! What a great way to add interest and texture to a room! I have loved plank walls but then to see it diagonally! What makes it even better is she broke it down for us in a how to!! I could just kiss this girl! How great is that! *Adding this to the honey do list* Check her out here at Vintage Revivals.

 4.) Cement counters. Now. This is another blogger/designer that I have been following and drooling over for some time and I am obsessed with these counter tops! Not only is this SMART, its beautiful! I love natural elements in a space and this one really does it for me! Check out the how to here at Kara Paslay Designs!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Well! I did it!! I gave her a bit of a face lift that would make your Momma cry! hahaha Ok, seriously though, she sure did clean up nicely! And the fact it took me no time at all! It really was a simple job!

 The hubs laughed at my tools but they worked. Find out how I did it after the jump!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Thrift Pick

Did ya gasp?? No? Well, maybe its just me.... but when I saw these babies today I just couldn't walk way from them... I have already started to re-vamp these bad boys because I'm just so excited to use them! lol They are all in rather great condition, none of them wobble but one has a leg crack in the metal.(Notice the wire on the chair on the right top? Yeah, that's the one.) I was a little weary about that but then the hubs, my welding hero, said that its an easy fix!! Yeehaw!

So, then I looked for a price...not my mind I thought "Yay! I get to barter more!". So I ask the guy at the thrift store how much they are asking and he told us $8 a chair. Honestly, that's not a terrible price but I wanna spruce them up and 8 x 4= 32.00. So, I was about to pass and the guy was like you know what how about all four for $25.00. That's when I was like load'em up! Four retro, vintage chairs for $25, yes please!! I have one already stripped down and ready for it's make over! Can't wait to share its new look!

Any new finds your way?? I would love to see them, or even feature you and your find/revamp! Link and share in comments below!! Thank you!
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