Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer's A Comin'

So, we are summer set! YAY! I just placed my order for my bathing suit and I'm so anxious to get it and start my summer with my 2 year old and 5 month old! It has been quite a hot start as it is. But we have had such a great beginning. Full of fun at the park and spending a lot of it with family, and new family members. (With my new Sister-in Law, and our Son!) Been trying to come up with some other great summer activities for me, and the kids for the summer. Anyone have any great ideas? What are your plans for this summer? Anything exciting!?

I have some tiny projects planned in mind for some embroidery/sewing things. I would like to monogram all of our beach towels. And since my beach bag is not "monogramable" (yes, I did just make up a ridiculous word! ;)) I am going to make a key chain type thing to add to the handle of my bag with our name as well. Maybe I am a bit "naming" crazy, but I love using my brother sewer and I just like the little personal touches. Plus, it makes it easier keeping up with our stuff at the aquatic center! Lets face it, both my kids are under two! I'm a hot mess as it is. I need all the help I can get to keep us together! LOL!! So, those are some of my plans for the future. Small,yes. But ahhh, the simple things in life! ;)

I have been feeling a bit guilty here lately. In the land of sewing that is. I have been so bad about taking some time out for my crafts and my poor blog, SO badly is in need of an update! Looks like I need to get my act in gear girls! Maybe I will find and evening here soon and get the hubs help to take some pictures for me! I'm going to go and try to monogram some stuff ! ;) <3
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