Saturday, December 24, 2011

Creativity Meets Chaos

My absolute love for creation, man made or the beautiful wonders we see around us each day that God has given us, never cease to amaze me or teach me many different things. Some large lessons and some small.

My most recent realization was just how often chaos and creativity really come together and more then often make some of the most beautiful designs of art.

Just take a moment and look at the world around us, there are wars, crime, and even just simple nasty rainy days and yet in those same places, moments of time, and on that dark, cold and nasty day....still beautiful things coming from them....maybe it be something as simple as a kind deed or gesture from a stranger, or something as life changing as witnessing your child's birth, or maybe meeting that one person you go on to sharing that life with. Chaos really can be something beautiful!!

This past year I have dealt with more chaos than I have in probably all the years of my life. Not really many...21 to be exact but the other 20 years of my life, I have been dealt some rather crazy stuff but this year has really dealt me more than I have ever, ever happened upon. Be it serious family health issues, family drama, money short falls, or just your run of the mill crappy day...I feel as though I have lived and learned a lot this year.

In all this crazy all this collective drama, mass problems, I still had my safe place though. My one home. And I watched as each time we dealt with another, what should be, damaging blow, make my family stronger....and dare I say it...happier. Some were
painful lessons, some were rather beautiful...

My strong faith and love for God, has ultimately been what always keeps me going, and here lately, it has been what has helped me find the beauty in this crazy year. It helped me find the chaos and see the beauty surrounding it. Not dwelling on that crazy, maybe destructive chaos, but changing that chaos and confusion into something ideally beautiful.

After seeing, it all in this perspective it has really made my year feel...well, rather great! And on that note, has made me decide that I want to face this upcoming year with the same outlook. I feel as though I even want to incorporate it into my upcoming designs, style, and fashion. Reading this makes me feel sorta silly, but just look at the sort of beauty that can come from a mess....

Take for example this lamp on exhibit with the "House of Sweden" It's a traveling exhibit here in the US, that highlights the work of 17 designers from Sweden. This is one of their pieces. It holds that feeling of keeping together the chaos, and yet has that structure of of beauty. OR, OR...for the fashionista...or girl after my own heart...lover of shoes...check out these...

These are Valentino Lace Stiletto's! Absolutely Gorgeous!!! Taking something beautiful and chaotic in itself...LACE, then giving it it's own twist making something so delightful. This is what I want to strive for...maybe not as extreme or whimsical, but I'm looking for my chaos. I want to face it and make it... I want to have my chaos and creativity really come together and make some of the most beautiful designs of art from it... Are you with me? What is your inspiration for the upcoming year? Have you given it thought?
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