Monday, March 11, 2013

Highs & Lows

Lot's of them around here lately and I'm not just talking about the weather! (ha ha...yeah I'm lame..)

Where to all know we are trying to buy our first home. Keyword there "trying". With this being our first home it has caused us a lot of nervous and anxious nights. Like the bid war I posted about before. We were bidding against someone else for the house and that obviously gives ya some anxiety. But I think what I will share next has caused us the worse so far.

This past week we were supposed to have the appraisal on the house done. In our situation this is a very big deal. If the house doesn't pass, our loan for the home doesn't pass and obviously, if that doesn't pass, say buy, buy to our farm house. lol So, we were on edge but feeling confident. I get a call from my Realtor and I "knew" something was up. (We generally communicate through text. This gal never calls me unless she means business.) So, I knew then something was up. She tells me that the appraiser went out and found that the electric and water that were supposed to be on, had not been turned on. So he did what he could but he would need to make another trip.

My Realtor who was not very happy about the fact that the house was not ready started making calls and had people out to the house the next day to have them turn it on! *whew* Crisis adverted. So we thought.

My phone rings again. This time my Realtor braces me for it saying "Katelyn. I'm not calling with good news. But the guys went to turn the water on, to find the copper pipes that lead into the house, have been stolen."

I have to admit, it took a lot not to cry on the phone with the Realtor. We were just starting to make decisions like "This is going to be our home.", ya know? Like calling the landlord, and getting boxes to pack. All things that would have to be done, nonetheless. But "this" is the house we want to do all this for.

So, as we worried all weekend, and managed to all get and share these lovely colds were sporting, I gathered the courage this morning to ask my Realtor for an update. Hoping for the best, but really preparing for the worst. Not sure if I had mentioned this is a foreclosure home and supposed to be sold as is. So if the Bank decides they can just walk away from our deal and that be that.

She writes me back saying the loan agent was asked to send in a bid request by the Bank. Do you know what that means? Don't worry. I didn't either. But. Its good news. Very good news, in fact. It means that the bank wants there to be bids done on what needs replaced cause they are actually considering fixing the problem. This is super great news for us. Since if this isn't fixed, our loan does not go through. So. It means more waiting. Again. The waiting is the hardest part, especially for this gal. It's never been a strong suit of mine but I believe it should be worth it? I hope it is anyways...

Now before I close, some little bits of awesome I found on Etsy that I believe will have to find a place in "our" home, when this one day all works out (lol). These awesome wooden signs come from New Orleans, Louisiana, handmade by Gregory Morris in his little shop called Slippin' Southern .

They are SO darling and just really have southern charm dripping off them!  

Here are a couple of my favorites! The flying pig couldn't seem so timely considering I'm beginning to believe  will own a home the day we see oinker's in the sky! lol The details really make this cutie though! Love him! And then nothing say's "Welcome to the South!" like hearing "y'all" spoken with true southern twang! Love these signs and he has many, many more! If you love nautical/beachy he has some awesome whales and crabs, many other southern saying, and does custom orders as well! Y'all gotta check him out! 

Link to Flying Pig Awesomness

Y'all check it out right here!

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