About Me

  Hi! I'm Kate! A stay at home mother of three beautiful little ones, my daughter, Genevieve, who is 5 years old, and my son, Lochlin, who is 4 years old,and our newest bundle of sweetness, Calliope. They are my first and BIGGEST hobby! They are where my best inspirations come from and teach me everyday there is no amount to creativity!

  I have lots of hobbies! I love to hand embroiderer, quilt, sew, knit, cook, and decorate! I love crafts and anything thrifty!!

  I have a big heart for the 70's, love collecting things from that decade for my home, and I love breathing new life to something once looked at as old junk! I guess you could say my blog is a hot mess of modge podge junk....that's ok. I wouldn't love it any other way. I'm a woman of many trades. ;) They all keep me busy, which is just what every stay at home mom dreams to be, right? Gotta keep this hot mess sane some how! So, that is what you will find around here! Lots of variety of all sorts cause that is "me"! :)


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