Saturday, April 30, 2011

Where to Begin..

I am so unsure where to start blogging...I began following many blogs quietly for a long time, using many of your all's tutorials to create some gorgeous stuff for my little girl and just recently cute outfits for my little man. So, maybe I will just share photo's of what I have made along with links so you can go try it out for yourself!

This is a peasant dress (This is the one I was telling you about, Sarah ;)) I loved making this dress and plan on making a few more for my daughter for this summer! You can follow the
tutorial for it Here on Prudent Baby .

Here is another peasant dress I made, using same Prudent Baby Tute, along with a matching fabric headband and the tutorial for it can be found Here on My Sweet Ry-pie and CalJ too. Too cute, huh? I thought it had an adorable 70's feel to it and Genevieve love's it. She always points at it and say's "Aww, Cute!". heehee Let me tell ya when they start telling you how much they like something, it makes sewing for them even more exciting!

Now onto something I made for myself....

The Reversible Mommy Skirt. Let me just say, loved making this skirt and I love the way it hangs. You can follow this tute here on Keeping it Simple.

Now how about a Nursing Cover?

Pretty nifty, huh? Love my nursing cover and I always get compliments on it! Now you can try it out for yourself here on Prudent Baby

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