Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

Been gone for a few days! Just been busy with the kids at the park and traveling a wee bit here and there. Man, this weather is just SO beautiful! Been loving every second of it! With us being so busy lately it feels good to have these nice days to soak up rays with my wee lil ones!

I don't know if I mentioned this or not BUT my little Brother is getting married in 6 days! So we have been busy here and there getting things together for the wedding. He is having my husband, daughter, and myself in the wedding so we have had measurements, fittings, yada yada. Got my didn't want to zip up at first...a few deep breaths person pulling the zipper together and another person zipping it up and WHOHOO.. we got it on! hahaha And oddly enough there isnt any odd bulges or anything it just is tight in a weird spot around the chest, not bust, but like below it. But anyways, no alterations needed for me...just lose some water weight hopefully before to help it zip up...

What else is new... Oh, to update on the spring top challenge...I didn't get a top done in time. Like I mentioned with being SO busy, I just didn't have the chance to make something for it. It totally stinks cause I am half way done with it, but this weekend got SO busy I just couldn't devote anymore energy to anything when Monday rolled around. So thats that...which reminds me... I need to go see who won themselves some awesome stuff..heehee

In other news...Been bathing suit shopping here lately! This pretty weather has had me wishing to jump in a pool! Yipee!! I really hope Genevieve will enjoy the pool this year, last year we couldn't get her NEAR a swimming pool. I look forward to the summer with her! She is at such a fun age. The past week I have been part of a challenge, the one I mentioned earlier this month, where you devote an hour to sewing kids clothes! Well, I really could only do ONE hour a day, its been so crazy, but I have to share what I ended up making for Genevieve!!...

How cute is that right!? I LOVE this SO much! The colors are SO vibrant and summer-y! haha And this was my OWN thing. I didn't follow a pattern or tute for this either! Which makes me love it all the much more! Ekk! I think I make write up a tute for it...anyone interested?

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