Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mail Day

 Yay! Very excited to open the mail today and out pop some very gorgeous fabric!!

Shhhh!!! Three of these fabrics are going to be used to test on a secret pattern for Mrs. Sarah from Sew Sweetness !!! Totally can't wait to get that started this week! Whohoo!

Then two of these fabrics I believe I plan on using to make something super ruffly and fun for my Miss G and sharing it as a tutorial for you all! Double whohoo!

For those of you curious about the fabric makers and these design names here they are for you:

Top of ladder working way down-

Joel Dewberry- Heirloom- Rose Bouquet Gold

Joel Dewberry -Heirloom -Marquis Garnet  

Joel Dewberry Heirloom Paisley Garnet
Anna Maria Horner- Innocent Crush
 -Loves Me Loves Me Not Golden

Anna Maria Horner- LouLouThi -Clippings Passion

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