Friday, March 7, 2014

Spring Peep

Brrr, been a colder start to March than I was truly hoping for. I'm so very ready for Spring! Ready for the flower buds, warmth, and new life!

Speaking of new life....
Can still see my toes! ;) 

My popping baby bump is proof that I'm finally out of the dreaded first trimester! I'm officially 13 weeks along now, and so ready to start the next phase! This pregnancy, much like my first pregnancy has graced me with morning sickness. I'm still dealing with it now, unfortunately so, but enjoying each week getting that extra "bonding" time with my little one. Felt my first flutters in the past week and it never fails, no matter how many children you have, that feeling never gets old or less exciting! So very exciting times ahead for this Momma but this is not the only way I'm becoming a new mother...there is other new life coming to our family.

On Monday we should be receiving a package in the mail full with 28 chicks from McMurray Hatchery! We have been wanting to start growing our kids knowledge in animal life and responsibility, not to mention we live on 4.5 acres. Time to start using this space!

I was raised on a farm. My parents raised chickens, rabbits, and pigs. We always had cats and dogs. So, being around animals and learning to care for them left me with so many fun memories. Like my Dwarf rabbits, Romeo & Juliet. Our cat named Rags, that I would dress as a baby and carry around and strap into car seats...I may have been a bit of an Elvira, but it made lasting memories and I can't help but truly appreciate the things I was taught. Not just the everyday physical care but even the emotional aspects of caring for these animals and I'm so eager to share this with my son and daughter.

You can now see even more so why I'm ready for Spring!

We have been preparing our brooder for the past two weeks, they will be spending their first weeks in our attached garage. Just easier for me to care for them with it still being so cold and it also gives us time when it does warm up to build their coop and run out by the small barn. We used some of the pretty days we got in February to tear out the old setup the man had that lived here before. It wasn't really as secure as I want and plan to give our birds, so it gives us a clean slate to begin with!

With us expecting 28 chicks, we are planning to actually only keep 12/13. The other 15/16 birds will be sold as they get a little older to insure health. We ordered the "Ornamental Layer Collection" from the hatchery mentioned above and are very eager to see the breeds we end up with. They mentioned Cochins, Campines, Red Caps, and exotic Polish varieties as some of the breeds we can expect to see.

So lots of posts to come with photos and info for these little gals! Updates on all our babies! If your a chicken lover, please leave me comments and links below! I would love to get to know you and your flock/family!

Fingers crossed that Spring peeps soon for everyone!


  1. So great! So many exciting things. Did you update the look of your blog? I love it!

  2. Hey! I did! Needed a little face lift! haha Lots going on! Makes me a little batty at times! lol Hope you are all doing good!!! <3


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