Thursday, February 19, 2015

Attached Garage/ Laundry Room Redo

When we bought this home 2 years ago, we bought it with the full intention of using it to help others. We love our home, and we love being able to help family and friends that have always made themselves available when we were once in a time of need. That being said, when we first bought this home one of the draw backs was the direction the house faced. It has an attached garage but it was of little to no use to us cause do you whip a car around to pull in? It was impossible.

So I have day-dreamed and thought of other ways I would love to use it over the past couple years. Even drew out multiple designs and ideas. But ultimately it came back to the laundry room being established, and the extra space being a room of its own! (Could be used as another bedroom, a Mother-n-law suite, an extra family room, classroom, sewing space....see my mind could go on for hours.)

Well, this dream is slowly becoming a reality....
Lovely mural, right? lol 
The previous owner was an artist and there were many places she left her mark! 

 Ahh.. Much better!

Started with the heating and cooling being added to the garage. We badly needed to do this, no matter what because the laundry room, which as you look through the photos, you can see is in this space, last year the pipes for the washer expanded and almost busted. So this solves that problem! Warm it up! With that it meant taking down the garage door and putting in the framing for a new french door! (I'm seriously in love!!) There is something about each time we pull up to the house since making this change, it has absolutely changed the look and it is just so much more beautiful!

After the door went it, the framing went up! I wanted to separate my laundry room from this additional space. I am not a fan of doing my laundry in a space with other people. I like to be able to shut a door and hide it all! lol

Look at my handsome man tearing down trim and stuff! He's so cute! ;) lol

Once the framing was put up, we had to run the electrical to all the new places in these walls. It also means moving existing light switches and centering the ceiling electrical. (Oh my gosh! LIGHTING! Can't wait...ok.) Then added more bracing to the framing and attached fan fold to the walls. This is to add more insulation to...

..THIS!!! Ekk!

 We are covering walls and ceiling in plank board!  It looks so beautiful! And each bit added I get more and more excited!  I love seeing these two spaces coming together. And can't wait to share more with everyone! Like what we have in store for flooring, lighting, and what I'm gonna do in that laundry room! 


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  1. I love this!! I don't have any sort of vision at all when it comes to interior design.. I LOVE what you did with that space, though! Way to think outside of the box :)

    1. Thank you dear!! :D I get it from my Mother I believe. Due to her love of HGTV and Better Homes and Garden growing up, I constantly had design around me. lol Between her and my father, they were always creating something. Thank you SO much for the compliment. I appreciate it a lot! And thank you for stopping by! :)

  2. I remember this idea. Got an email and had to come creep! Glad you are getting it done looks great


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