Friday, April 29, 2011

Sorry, Under Construction!

Hey! Thank's for stopping by! Unfortunately, you caught me at a terrible time! My blog is a mess...Please bare with me while we make changes ! Come back soon though and check out my new blog! Lots of Love!! --Kate


  1. Hey Kate, What is a suggestion for a first project on your sewing machine? My dh got me one for my birthday last summer (or maybe the one before?) and I haven't used it yet, but should finally have some space and time this summer. What do you suggest?
    Thanks! Sarah

  2. Oh Sarah,great question! I wish I had known about this blogging world when I first started so I could have asked this! haha

    Picking a first project can be daunting cause if your like me at all you want that time, money, and effort to be worth it! That being said my first project was curtains for my house. I suggest NOT making that your first project! lol Evey line had to be perfectly straight. Ugh. I still recall seam riping over and over. Blech. Another thing to stay away from until your sure you got it down is store bought patterns. They are not only hard to read but hard to understand and can be very frustrating!
    I would start small. Maybe a pair of pants for little guy. (Great walk through tutorial if you click there on my MADE button.)OR I recall one of my first being a cute Peasant Dress for Genevieve. (Tutorial for it by Clicking Prudent Momma Button) The peasant dress is great cause you can make the sleeve length whatever you want, and its neckline and sleeve measurements are very forgiving cause you use elastic. Plus both teach you how to sew in hems! Really, you could follow any of these blogs to the side here for GREAT beginner sewing tutorials! Hope that helps! I'm here if you need any other help!! Happy Sewing! --Kate


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