Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Buggy...Bugs Me.

So, obviously, one of the hardest things about being a Mother of multiple children is getting out and about with them. (What am I talking about? Just ONE child can be a feat!)But with each added little one is an added challenge.

Being a Mom of two now has shown me just how much I hate these stores with these incredibly dinker buggy's/shopping carts.( Just to name a few places...Hobby Lobby, Jo Ann Fabric's, TJ Maxx, Marshells, ect.)

I mean you are doing good to get ONE child into the cart, let alone two. And car seat, don't even think about it. What makes it all the more irritating, is when you finally figure out how to get the babies in there, toddler in the front part, your holding on to the car seat that you have placed sideways in the cart for dear life. Whew. Over came that obstacle.

Oh but wait, now what do you do with your stuff?? I mean, really? How do they expect us crazy crafting mothers to shop for stuff, if we can barely get our troops into the store, and then once we find a "some what" safe mode of getting in, have NO places to put our things!

So, what do we crazy mothers do? We then pile the things on the kids. Who then begin opening our bags of buttons, or uses the price tags as stickers, or decides "Mommy, doesn't really need this stuff", so out of the cart it goes!! The whole time we are we are just trying not to pull all of your hair out!! And in midst of all of this, we look around and notice all these other woman looking at us like we have totally lost it. Like we do not belong in that store. LOL It can make the most pleasant trip to the craft store, feel like you are in a whirlwind disaster.

So, then we Mom's, we wise up. We go out to buy us a nice double stroller. I mean this bad boy has ALL the bells and whistles, right? We pull that sucker out, go walking into Hobby Lobby, head held high cause "Ha. We Got This!". .. And SMACK! Right into the display case!! Or we then find ourselves bargaining with our two year old, to put down the pretty glass bird she just swiped off the shelf, that she is now eye level with, mind you. Can't a Mother get a BREAK? Cause then of course comes more awkward stare's...loud whispers..every once in awhile a sympathy smile! hahaha Believe me, it can really unnerve this crazy stitcher.

Then of course the same dilemma, where to put the stuff cause even if you have the nice little basket in the bottom, its gotta be carrying that fully stocked diaper bag for those "perfectly" timed massive blow outs that our children carry around for the most awkward moments. lol So, there goes like 80% of our storage space, not counting blankie. Which starts out in the toddlers hand but then after having to stop and untangle it from the front tire of the stroller every 30 seconds, ends up in the basket out of mother's frustration. Which then leads to the screaming...

Ahh, yes. The screaming. You know you have one or if you haven't yet, you will one day. The screaming toddler. The one that everyone swears they well never have and yet its inevitable. haha. But it adds to the enjoyable shopping experience, let me tell ya! You thought you had stares before. Ha! Think again. Oh, and don't just think, I will just check out right quick and get out of this store...cause remember earlier, when there was no space for your stuff in your stroller...yeah, you resorted to piling it on your kids again and guess now have to FIND all your price tags. Make sure you have all 25 buttons. "Oh wait ones missing. Oh its ok, I found it. It was in my toddlers mouth."(More stares here from the 16 year old cashier.) Then realize the spool of tulle is missing as well. Retrace steps a couple of isles to find that it has been tossed back in the floral section, along with the pretty ribbon you had been debating on getting. (Oh, dont forget. This whole time, you have a baby screaming cause you have their blankie. Unless, you cracked and gave it back, then your tripping up the stroller every 30 seconds again.) Where am I getting at with all of this?

MAKE LARGER CARTS PEOPLE!! Widen your isles. Get your glass objects out of the reach of our little ones and I swear if I see one more candy shelf right by the checkout!! AHH!!

Now, to be straight up. Its not really this bad every time. But all of you mothers out there, know what I am talking about. Its just plain stressful and it adds one more thing to have to think about when we try to get out the door in the morning. Some people out there probably think, just leave them home then (I know I have seen some people give me those looks in the store, believe me! HA!), but that is obviously, not a reasonable solution. Besides, might I add. Does anyone else on a bad day just wanna slap the stares out of these people? haha! I would like to think I am not a violent person, but I have moments when I find myself wanting to take my dinker cart and slamming into every nasty glaring person I see! HAHAHA! (TOWANDA!!...I think my hormones may still be trying to level back out...hahaha)

I guess where I am getting at. Mother's. We are amazing. We get in these stores with our children and we conquer the crazy and still come home with enough strength to wrestle our sewing machines and glue guns, to make stunning things for our children and selves. Now if only we could help the world think like Mother's.

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