Monday, June 27, 2011

Felt Hair Clips

How pretty are these?!

I had been wanting something to satisfy my creative itch. So, I went digging for some ideas online and came across a tutorial and patterns for that beautiful hot pink Peony clip!! Got really into it and came up with my own little felt creation as well.

Mini Violet Hair Clip

Piece of Purple Felt
Piece of Green Felt
Yellow Embroidery Thread
Hot Glue Gun
Hair Clip
One of the petals from the gorgeous Peony Pattern

Using one of the petals form the peony pattern, any size is fine, although I used the petal pattern to the left of the "yoonie peony felt clip template" words. But like I said, you can really use any of them and change the "size" of your violet.
Now take out your purple felt, trace your pattern onto it and then cut it out. Grab up your hot glue gun...take your little petal and holding the center of your petal pinch it together to make the shape of your violet. (Really seriously that easy. lol) Hot glue your pinched felt. Grab up your yellow thread and sew in your little star burst center. Then taking a little bit of green felt cut yourself out a cut little leaf. Hot glue its to your little violet and then hot glue your mini violet to your clip and wah la! An adorable little hair accessory in literally minutes!! Perfect for scratching that tiny craft itch!

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