Monday, November 26, 2012

Breaded BBQ Chicken


Running around tonight trying to figure out dinner I was really stressing on what to make. So sick of the same ole', same ole'. I had chicken thawed but just nothing was sounding good. So I went diggin' in the cupboard and we came up with this "Breaded BBQ Chicken"....let me warn you...just go ahead and put the elastic pants on before you dig in...

Chicken Breast-We use 3 for the 4 of us, two adults, 2 toddlers
Mayo/Mayonnaise which ever you prefer 
BBQ Sauce, this is also a preference 
Bread Crumbs
Cheddar Cheese

First off, notice none of this has measurements cause I seriously just threw this together. haha So I apologize if that mess anyone up but I promise, you don't need the measuring cup to make this one up!

Grab the chicken breast and place them in your glass baking dish. Grab your mayo and proceed to coat the chicken in mayo top and bottom. Then take your BBQ sauce and pour it on top of your chicken. Just a nice even coat. We really like BBQ, so we were a little heavy on it. Take your bread crumbs and sprinkle all over the chicken. Then last but not least sprinkle your cheddar on top! Pop her in the oven on 400 for about 30 mins!

Just that simple!!!! I tell ya it was a hit!! We served it with buttered lima beans, and potato cubes! It was a big hit! Let me know how your family likes it!

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