Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Am I Buying a House??

  Stressed is all I can seem to feel here lately, with so many "grown up" changes and things happening around us, it all being new and scary, but exciting all the same has left me more than anxious. For those of you that are not personal friends or just popping in....about 3 months ago the home we are currently renting, was placed on the market to sell. This obviously brought worried feelings of "what if's?" and if you have children you can understand that those feelings can become even more scary. So, Jer and I made the decision to get things in order to look into buying a home.

   Called us a loan agent, and get the ball rolling. Never in a million years did we expect the first house we ever would look at with our Realtor would be "the one" either. (And yes, you read that right. First house. ) Now I feel I must back up our decision on this house for a few reasons, I have always been house hunting. I have even been begging Jer to get serious about house hunting ever since Lil L was born. Considering he is 2 can see how long I have wanted this change. So, when the search was on, we had very specific things we wanted and actually everything our Realtor sent us to look at had every thing on the list but generally one thing missing. Which would leave us walking away saying "Ugh. I just wasn't wow'ed." And who wants to sink money into something they just don't love? Yeah, me either!

  But last Monday in my online search that (I would do "every" single day), I found our home. I immediately sent it to Jer who was like lets look at it TONIGHT! Now, I'm gonna be honest...I sent the house as a last resort....I personally felt the house did not look like "me". Not the style home I imagined me living in but it had everything on my list. EVERYTHING. Nothing has had everything on my list----By the way...have you seen my list???

Yes. I doodle....

  We drove out there that night...and the minute I watched my kids run through the yard, falling down and laughing...I fell in love. This was my house. I called the Realtor right then, I told her I wanted to look and I wanted her to bring papers. She was leery of our search and said "Don't jump ahead, lets see the house first." When we got there that night, Jer, the kids, my folks, and myself...yeah we bring an that doesn't scare a realtor...she immediately showed us the few places she felt that could make the house not pass for our loan...*heart sank*.Then my father started looking and he realized those problems had all already been fixed!! Everyone loved it! Even my Realtor was like..."You don't find this in your price range...EVER!" She then also added "This has been a popular house. Hold up?? Rewind...What did you say?? Popular?! Oh no no! Not OUR house. No, no...

  That next morning we placed a bid on the house. In the call we find out that there is another bidder. The worst feeling ever to imagine the house your in love with going to someone else but even worse to imagine that they too are in love, and someone is going walking away sad. After getting the call to give our highest and best....I couldn't help but feel the stress and excitement. The next day came and went...and I realized it was now Sat. I was expecting to hear more that Monday...So I planned my Saturday morning like any other...I slept in got up and saw I had a text message that read "Congrats! You won the bid!!"

Pick me up off the floor. I ran through the house looking for Jer to scream the news at him! lol But ya know....that is just the beginning . Now it's the "Big dogs" ,baby! Now we are signing loan papers, reading everything. Laughing at little mistakes. (Like they put Jer was single and childless?? Umm, excuse me, if anyone will be childless in this situation PLEASE make it me. hahahaha I kid, I kid!) But I must say, It's been less than a week and...I'm closing date is beginning of APRIL! I have to survive till THEN? Really?? Whoever said buying is easier than renting....don't talk to me today. LOL

  We are super duper uber excited though, and I can't help but stop and think throughout the day... "Am I really buying a home?? I'm seriously being a "grown up" and buying a home??" haha It's almost surreal and absolutely scary. I'm sure in a couple months I won't say the same....when I have my nose in a paint can and going crazy with the decorating but for's a little scary! So! That's it. I'm trying to buy a house. Can you believe it??
Here she is....Don't mind the quality...listing photo ;)

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