Friday, March 1, 2013

Fitness Reminder/ 60 Day Progress

 I was SO happy to see the scale today. (Never thought I would say that...ha!) I'm down to 162.3! That is a huge deal to me because I am just ONE pound shy of being able to say I have lost 20 pounds!! It made me feel so good to "see" I'm closer to my goals and helps that little nagging feeling that I'm "stuck". you will understand what I mean more here in just a sec when I share my 60 day photos. 

Before I share I wanna share something important. Before we took these photos I decided to go ahead and get my weight lifting workout done and outta the way for the day first. I generally do that work out mid day or even sometimes after everyone has gone to bed and I generally like to run in the mornings. Well, my mornings I run I never eat before I do. I jump up get dressed and go cause I am terrible about eating, sitting down, and just deciding to not do it. hahaha Well, anyways, what I am getting to. I didn't eat and I worked out, and my blood sugar crashed BAD after my workout. In the middle of us taking these photos. (Notice my ghostly white face?? lol) 

It was strange cause I told my husband I didn't feel good and he complained that I was wasting time he needed to go to work and was rushing me to get it together for the photos. I could feel I was getting light headed.... and confused...then I felt I was gonna be SICK! I ran to the bathroom where I just laid on the floor hoping it would pass. By that point....Jer caught on! haha He grabbed some toast and jam to try to help livin' me back up but where I'm getting at is... it was scary. lol And a reminder that there are steps to working out that you can't overlook cause it can do worse than good. If you plan on doing a strenuous workout, you gotta be sure your hydrating yourself but also nourishing yourself. If you don't your body will remind you, and we don't want that right??? 

Anyways! On that note here are the terrible photos of myself. 2 months ago, 1 month ago, and today. Don't mind the bed head as well....I really was pulling off HOT MESS well. lol

So, not as drastic of a change in the camera but I have lost 7lbs since the one month photo and I have worked myself up to popping out the real deal push ups! hahaha None of that sissy stuff! lol No kidding, I still do them too, but I can now do some actual regular push ups and that feels ahhhh-mazing! haha My goals for this month is to work on the saggin' buns and more definition everywhere. I wanna reach for a weight loss goal of 152 by the end of the month! Will it maybe be that much, probably not, but I hope! ;) How about you, any goals this month??

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