Monday, March 4, 2013

Well! I did it!! I gave her a bit of a face lift that would make your Momma cry! hahaha Ok, seriously though, she sure did clean up nicely! And the fact it took me no time at all! It really was a simple job!

 The hubs laughed at my tools but they worked. Find out how I did it after the jump!

I used a butter knife...yes, a butter knife. (You will understand, promise.) Scissors. What crafter goes to war without her respected snip's?! Sewing machine. And a handy dandy staple gun!

First order of business was to remove the old vinyl. Now, for all those madly in love with the old, I feel ya there, and I really wish I could have saved them but they were super nasty and grimy and there was no way I could feel comfortable sitting my babies bums on them how they were! *shudder*

So, it had go! In order to do that, I had to grab my butter knife. (Now. I will tell you a flat head screw driver would work for his job as well but...I couldn't find one and the hubs was not around to let this damsel into his garage to swipe herself I used what I had. lol worked! Unscrewed the seat from the base, and pulled the staples out to remove all the old. Now my padding didn't look too terrible so, I decided to go ahead and reuse it. Now if you have to replace yours, its not hard to do. Just cut to fit your new padding, spray glue it to the board and your set for the next step!

Once all the vinyl was removed top and bottom, I cut my fabric. I used a grey tweed fabric. You could use a new vinyl, or an good upholstery fabric to do the job but I love the look of the tweed and I thought it would fit better if I decide to break the set up and use them in different areas of my house.

I laid my seat on the fabric cut leaving about 2 inches all around the seat to be sure it would wrap around the sides, then I sprayed the seat padding with adhesive, smoothed the fabric, and then stapled the fabric to the wood base (or bottom). Seat done.

Before I did the top of my chair however, I grabbed a can of Rust-Oleum in Metalic Finish and sprayed the metal base and let it dry. Once dry and shiny, you can get to work on your top upholstery!

The top was a little trickier, I won't lie! It involved  a little sewing and fitting it right but if you can sew a straight will be ok. I used the vinyl piece I pulled off and traced it out on the tweed, leaving 2 inches around as well. You will need two pieces, for front and back. Cut, then sewed them with outsides facing, so your seam will be inside once you flip it right side out. Spray the seat with adhesive, and slip the cover on. Flip the chair and staple. Notice the photo here shows I folded the edge before stapling to give it a cleaner line, I folded and tucked the ends and stapled them as well!

And that is it! That is all I did to get these sleek, modern, vintage, retro... (I could keep going...).. chic chairs.

Total cost of all four chairs being $28.00!! (Chairs cost: $25.00, Spray paint cost: $3.00. Fabric and other supplies were all left over from other projects!) Making this a very thrifty success in my book! lol

So! What do you think???

**Edit: Adding more photos this evening. Didn't have time to load them!**

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