Sunday, March 3, 2013

Thrift Pick

Did ya gasp?? No? Well, maybe its just me.... but when I saw these babies today I just couldn't walk way from them... I have already started to re-vamp these bad boys because I'm just so excited to use them! lol They are all in rather great condition, none of them wobble but one has a leg crack in the metal.(Notice the wire on the chair on the right top? Yeah, that's the one.) I was a little weary about that but then the hubs, my welding hero, said that its an easy fix!! Yeehaw!

So, then I looked for a price...not my mind I thought "Yay! I get to barter more!". So I ask the guy at the thrift store how much they are asking and he told us $8 a chair. Honestly, that's not a terrible price but I wanna spruce them up and 8 x 4= 32.00. So, I was about to pass and the guy was like you know what how about all four for $25.00. That's when I was like load'em up! Four retro, vintage chairs for $25, yes please!! I have one already stripped down and ready for it's make over! Can't wait to share its new look!

Any new finds your way?? I would love to see them, or even feature you and your find/revamp! Link and share in comments below!! Thank you!

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