Sunday, June 2, 2013

I'm Back! We Moved! Projects, Projects!

If my heading doesn't read enough! You can tell we have been busy! ;)

We bought our house!!! We moved into it! We have been sloooowwwllllyyyy making it homey and unpacking! And I do plan to give you all a house tour soon enough! After I wrap up a fewww of the projects I have started.

And yes. I have started projects.... already!

Been thrifting! Found a great little local guy and gal that buy and refurnish items to benefit Haiti, they go by Repurposed Soul. (Check them out on FB!) Anyways! I have gotten quite a few great pieces from them like a dresser, a large letter "T" from an old business sign, a antique window, ect! Just lots of fun to be found there!

Of course when you move into anywhere you paint and since I am the only painter in this house. It has been slow going. I have the first coat up in the living room, my front door painted, and the paint BOUGHT for the kids rooms, and for the front porch and cement block outside. Just need to hunker down and focus...oh and hire a maid and a babysitter! hahahaha Yeah....that won't be happening anytime soon. But the painting...maybe...!

I have been focusing on little things here in there as well. Like my sons wall art for his bedroom. Painting this little stand and giving it a bit of a face lift.

Then aside from the fun and crafty projects...there is the unfun project of cleaning...yeah. Lots of that. Did you know living in the country, there is TONS of bugs. Who would have thunk it? HA! And lucky me, my children are obsessed with them. They will pick up anything and of course want to shove it right in your face. Bless their hearts.... hehe

So, lots of different crazy going on. However, we are all still alive and I can't wait to share SO much with everyone! But while I work to get my "junk" together, check out this cute, affordable headboard makeover my gal pal, Zoe, did over at Chameleon!! 

Doesn't that citron just pop against that dark grey wall? Love it! Great work girly!! Check it out! She is new to the DIY community, but has lots of fun plans to come!! I'm off to work on a project...hopefully...

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