Monday, June 3, 2013

To Distress...or Not to Distress...

I mentioned yesterday that I have many projects started and going well and I need reader advice on this little one! First let me start with a little background...

   I got this great little stand at a local habitat restore for $25!! Yes! THAT cheap. I really suggest if you have one locally, stalk it. hahaha Seriously. I have found so many awesome pieces there for a steal and a little love can really go a long way...speaking of a little love...

Here is what it looks like...Mind you I had started to strip the paint and then remembered to get a photo! haha Anyone else just get SO excited to actually work on a project with out a deranged child trying to try their hand at single handly destroying your work??? BAHAHAHA....Just me?? Ahhh, well!

Here it is....
I spy demon kitty...hahaha 

I have actually used in as a black stand for awhile now. Its cute, lots of personality but I felt it was just...blah! So I decided to strip the paint off the drawer, and the tables top. And then sand the top and draw down to the wood.

*Note to self...hide camera from the husband...

I then used me some Minwax Stain; Provincial 211 and stained the top and the drawer to match. I only used one application cause I like the lighter but rich color it gave me. Then I used my Valspar Duramax paint to paint the base and legs. And I have...and well, I love it!!This is it now...

Cheery, right???? Oh I just love it! hahaah The yellow is rich and vibrant but the warm wood accents keep that rustic charm I wanted it to have. It just the sweetest little piece. However, I am a bit torn! My original plan was to distress the legs a bit and such but now...I'm not so sure!!

So! I need YOUR advice! What do you think?? I would love my fellow blogger tips & suggestions!! Should I distress or leave it? If you think I should I would you go about doing so? Crackle, sanding, or steel wool?OH! And I want to add a great little knob/pull! So feel free to share any feeling's on that as well!! I can't wait to hear what you all suggest!!

*P.S.- If you want to know more about the yellow color, I don't have the name for it but I can send you the paint color info if you would like to take it to your local lowes and have them color match for you! Just contact me and I will gladly get it to you! Thanks!!


  1. I love the yellow! I have to say - I am not a big furniture distresser, unless its just in rough condition to begin with! I like it as is! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

    1. I went with your advice!!!! ;) I have to agree I just couldn't bring myself to rough it up after making it look all clean! hahaha I have children too, so I reckon they will do the roughing on their own! Savor it while I can! Thanks for your input! I will share how it turned out later this week! Thanks again! :D


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