Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dreamin' up a lovely Kitchen...

Kitchen Reno Dream Board: 

White Cabinets
Curtains In Lou Lou Fabric & Burlap
LG Stainless Steel Appliances
Wood Counter tops (DIY, of course)
Valspar Shark Loop Wall Paint
White Subway Tile
Farm Lighting
Ana-White Farmhouse Table 

*Highlighted are started Projects, Crossed out are finished items.*

Before I ever even MOVED into our home, I had already, with the help of Pinterest and my imagination, dreamed up my new kitchen space. The home we lived in before I was still learning my style, and working with the budget we had and doing what we could get away with, do to renting and having a landlord. But this space is special...it's mine! So, it should feel just as so, right? Right! haha

And...we have begun to make those little wildest dreams of mine, come true!!! Let me show you were we were before...and where we are at now!

The Kitchen from us moving in.
Dark cabinets, plastic light fixture...counter tops that are separating from the wall and gold accents. Gold accents EVERY WHERE. Now I should add I truly have nothing against gold, dark cabinets, or chandlers. But in this space it makes this end of the kitchen feel SO weighed down. Busy and dark. The light is dated. And gold accents done with taste can totally rock, but in this space, its just feeling a little lack luster...So, what have I started??

Cabinet door, fronts.

I told ya I was priming the other day! ;) lol It was all primed and waiting for lots of other coats of white paint! (We are are using Valspar; White for anyone curious, btw!) Today I have managed to get the first white coat on everything. I think I will do a total of three coats to really cover that dark oak under.

As if this project isn't big enough....look what the hubs started....

My Farmhouse Table!! :D !!! The hubs got this put together in two evenings. FIRST wood working project can you believe that??? Of course the plans came from the lovely Ana White. Everything you need right down to the supply list is on her plans! She is just great! And such a nice sturdy piece! Can't wait to stain and finish this bad boy!!! Hopefully this weekend.....I can share something finished! hahaha...

Half finished dreams right now....;) Show me your projects!! I would love to find some lovely DIY'ers and writers to guest/feature on the blog ! So please share away!! Better go finish painting a coat on the base.....*sigh*...lol

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