Monday, November 4, 2013

Mmm Fall

I love Spring. New life. Summer....Hot. But Fall, you must agree here in KY, it's just right!! lol The past four/five months have been wild!! Loved the summer fun with the kids and watching them enjoy the great out doors and grow their love for the sun and bugs! Lots of bugs and reptiles....maybe too many for this mom! I mean ladies, ya know those little black jumping spiders?? Yeah! THEM! *shudder* My beautiful 4 yr old daughter....she carries them around! Can you believe this? 

This adorable little girl....

...carries around some of most crazy things!! Here is a spinet of the wild and crazy animal tales we have collected over this past summer! I just have to this specific story! I laugh so hard every time I think about it! Miss G, has this adorable little white purse. Perfect fit for a princess. Well, my mother comes over and as we are setting up a project outside she was asking Genevieve about her frogs she has living in our baby pool at the time, wanting to know if they are still in there. Genevieve promptly responds "No! It's in my purse!" My mother shocked by her response says "Your purse??" Genevieve says "YEAH!" (In the tone of "DUH!") Dumps out her purse and this HUGE bull frog pops right outta her purse. I have never heard a grown women squeal so loudly, as my mother jumped about a mile away from my beautiful little lady, who has by this point quickly swept up her "treasure" and placed it back in its purse. LOL This for sure has made us all very leery about what Genevieve now carries in her purse!! But probably one of the BEST memories of our 2013 Summer!!

I'm ready for this Fall/ more bugs & frogs... WHEW! And lots more projects and fun to keep warm!! Any funny kiddo stories to share! Have you started your fall project list!! As a Mom & DIY'er I'd love to hear'em! Leave me a comment and share away!

Happy Fall Y'all! 

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