Friday, April 25, 2014

Baby Nook Inspiration Board

Let the prepping begin!

 Baby #3 is growing good and strong! We are 20 weeks along in our journey with this little one and so it's time we start getting ready to welcome this baby into our new family by preparing this little ones nook!

Baby #3 at 20wk u/s! Starring right at us! <3 td="">

I have a huge love for very calm and inviting spaces and since this baby will be sharing a space with us.....Oh. Did I mention that part? hahaha Let me further explain the details! We bought a 3 bedroom home because we were not planning to expand our family....or so we thought. So, that means this baby and one of it's siblings would eventually be sharing a space! However, since we decide to wait and find out the gender of this sweet little person, it makes it more convenient and logical to just prepare a space in our room for this baby. Once the baby is older we will then probably move the baby into a room with either Miss G or Lil L but until then, this baby is ALL MINE! *insert evil laugh* hahaha

So, since we will be in the same space I still really wanted to keep my husband and I's area feeling grown up and relaxing as this is still going to be where to go to bed every night and start each of our days as well. I choose the Cathedral Stone paint color because it is the one grey I have found to not be too "blue". Not that I don't like blue but I wanted a true to grey color without the denim shade to it that I often come across. We got our Ikea Gulliver Crib at a great price of just $99.00 and since its a simple design it won't be overwhelming to the space. I also choose the botanical prints here from Ikea, their TRILLING collection. It has shades of yellows, greens, and reds to give an earthy element as well.

The crib sheet I found at Target for $20 part of the "Bananafish Migi Sweet Sunshine" set. I think it adds a sweet flare with a touch of color added to the space as well. I just LOVE it and while it may have a little feminine hint to it, I believe its doable for both boy or girl! Then the biggest and most expensive piece to this board is the mobile. I have not yet made this purchase as it is $62.00 for this Bamboo Mobile and while I do love it to pieces, I truly believe there will be a DIY tutorial coming for this mobile in our near future, as my very cheap husband and my penny pinching self will not be able to justify the cash for this particularly beautiful mobile! We shall see what we turn up with there...I will be eager for that!

I'm so excited to put each of our pieces together for our baby's nook! And even more excited to see our sweet bundle snoozing in his/her space 20 weeks from now! I did mention we will be sharing this space.....So, inspiration board of the "Grown Ups Space" to come very soon I'm sure! I'll leave you for now with some pictures of us sillies! (Minus Jerry. :( I need to get more with him!)

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